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Brand: Generic Model: Silicone Tongue Infuser
Tongue Shaped Big Lips Tea Maker Food Grade Silicone Tea Strainer (Assorted)Lips Tongue Designed Silicone Tea Infusers Tea Barware Food Grade Strainer, Tongue Tea InfuserMake tea time fun time with this cute and funny tea infuser! It is adorable and funny designed Lips and TongueThe herbal tea infus..
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Brand: Generic Model: Thumb Knife
Thumb Knife Finger Silicon Cutter (Assorted)Silicone cut-resistant fingertips cutter knife, garlic cutter They are very suitable for you to pick vegetables and fruitThey are very suitable for you to pick vegetables and fruit chopping finger protector kitchen set knife set for kitchen use kitchen set..
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Brand: Generic Model: Silicone Dough Atta Bag
Silicone Dough Flour Mixing Atta Maker Bag (Assorted)Dough maker bag can be Mix mashed potato, mix grind food or baked food, store or keep food in a refridgerator, Vegetables and fruits can be stored in fridge for keeping it fresh for long period.Silicon Material Kneding bag can be widey use to make..
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Brand: Generic Model: Glass Pepper Grinder
Salt Pepper Stainless Steel Shaker Mill with Adjustable Coarseness Grinder Mill Shaker (Assorted)pepper crusher is made of premium glass material of 200mlPepper, Jeera, Kali-Mari, Coffee and all Spices GrinderEasily open and refill spices and grind in seconds.Kali-Mari can also be grinded instantly ..
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Brand: Generic Model: Silicone Garlic Peeler
Pack Of_2 Silicone Garlic Peeler Garlic Skin Remover Keeper Easy Quick to Peel Garlic Cloves (Assorted)Using food‑grade silicone material, it is safe to use, non‑toxic, and has no peculiar smell.It is easy to clean, resistant to pressure and not deformed, and can help you peel garlic well.The appear..
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Brand: Generic Model: Non-stick plastic rolling pin
Generic Plastic Non-Stick Rolling Pin Fondant Cake Dough Roller (Assorted)• Essential tool for shaping and smoothing rolled fondant,paste and more.• With the bumped point on surface,effective to roll the dough.• Rolling press evenly, more save effort to use. Non-stick and easy to clean.• Great for r..
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Brand: Generic Model: Puri Cutter
Generic Pack Of_2_Stainless Steel Puri Cutter Roller Machine (Assorted)• Even if you are a beginner, it will allow you to make beautiful wavy-shaped dumplings in a short period so that you won't be in a hurry.• You can also use it to make Empanada, Pierogi, Ravioli, Won-tons, Pot stickers, Paste Lil..
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Brand: Generic Model: Food Storage (pack of 2)
Generic Pack Of_2_Pack of 2 Food Storage Container with Removable Drain Plate and Lid 1500 ml Fridge Storage Box  (Assorted)• food storage container with drainage plate, suitable for storing seafood, meat, fruits and vegetables, tableware, etc. Block cool and keep water.• Easy to find your food. Ref..
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Brand: Generic Model: Steel fish scale remover
Generic Pack Of_2_Fish Skin Remover Stainless Steel (Assorted)• Eating fish provides you with many health benefits, but removing scales can be difficult• Stainless Steel Fish Skin Remover let you easily remove scales quickly and safely without fuss, practical to use in kitchen.• The Fish Scaler is v..
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Brand: Generic Model: 24 ice cube hot silicone freeze mold
Generic Pack Of_2_24 ice cube hot silicone freeze mold (Assorted)• Enjoy the Real Taste of Your Cold Drink - Our Big Ice Cube Trays Let You Enjoy Your Drink without The Water Dilution of Other Ice Cubes.• Silicone Ice Cube Tray Makes 24 Cubes• Our Product Are Fda Approved and Dishwasher Safe and Eas..
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Brand: Generic Model: Silicone Spatula With Brush
Pack Of_5 Silicone Spatula And Pastry Brush (Color: Assorted)Silicone spatula and pastry brush set is ideal for scraping, basting, barbecues, party pies, quiches, tarts, small cakes or any similar usessilicone material, non-stick, reusable, dishwasher safedesigned for durability and ease of use.&nbs..
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Brand: Generic Model: Fridge Rack
Pack Of_5 Fridge Organizer (Color: Assorted)Smart-slide design to ensure sturdy grip on surfaces like glass, wood, plastic etcLightweight, flexible use, convenient and smart slide design, space saving and easy to store, durable, good ventilating having 4 holesA daily use storage rack to store your p..
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